Stacey Cole

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Stacey Cole and I design and make one off pieces of jewellery.

Although I am a teacher by profession, I am also a jewellery enthusiast and take great delight in designing and making unique, one off pieces of jewellery by hand. No machinery is involved at any stage of the process.

As a person who is keen on earrings (having more than 800 pairs myself), I decided that rather than buy them, I would make my own and that way, I could choose the design I wanted.  My designs chose to be very popular not just with me but also with friends, work collegues and family and this is what encouraged me to start up my own business. Although I had only ever made earrings, after careful thought, I decided to expand my jewellery line and now make necklaces, bracelets and sets as well.

My jewellery line has proven to be so popular that I took the decision to start holding jewellery parties at customer’s houses and what started as the odd party held at a friend or families house, gradually expanded to their friends. This therefore encouraged me to set up my own website so that I could share my passion with other people and sell my one off made jewellery online.

As no two pieces are exact, this gives my customers a sense of feeling special as they know that no matter where they are, they will never meet someone with the same item.

I source my stock from local UK suppliers and purchase in bulk so some of the pieces may be used in more than one item. However my speciality is that I do not make two items identical.

I hope you like what you see on my pages. Should you wish to ask any questions or require a specific item you wish for me to design and make for you, please do not hesitate to email me by using the contact page.